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Overblog Blog Platform Launched

There’s a new blog platform within the US, known as Overblog. If you have ever tried to add your social media content for your blog, you know how troublesome it could be. Establishing automatic tweets, and posts is fairly. Overblog, a new blogging platform that allows you to make the most of social media, has launched within the US. Read more »

Should Your Company Blog be Outsourced?

Ought to your business blog be written in-house or should you outsource the creating of your business weblog? Whilst some companies spend extra unique focus to their blogs, other people seem to have little to no interest in sustaining it regularly. I favor to make a commitment for your company weblog, and keep it as much as date regularly, instead of make it appear like a ghost town. Both you publish regularly or do not have a blog at all.

Dave Thomas, from Company.com, wrote a blog post about deciding to outsource your weblog or just creating it in-house utilizing your company’s employees. Read more »

What Justin Bieber has in Common with Lauren’s Dad

So, what does Justin Bieber have in common with Lauren’s dad? I mean really, if you read this headline you would probably not think that they have much in common. But take a look at what really these two, Justin Bieber and Lauren’s dad, have in common.

Why WordPress is Not Just for Bloggers

WordPress is getting more popular than ever. Would you believe that about 14.7 percent of the top million websites in the world were developed using the WordPress platform? Even though WordPress Bloggers use every day, the platform is not just for blogs and bloggers. It can be a very robust CMS (content management system) for your website. Here is why WordPress is not just for bloggers anymore.

Finally a Better WordPress Search

Finally, there is a better WordPress search that actually helps you search web sites that are powered by WordPress. There have been only a few acceptable options in the past to add a search engine/search utility to search your web site, including Google Custom Search, but there have been issues, it sometimes is difficult for some users to use on their blog. Now we have Yolink search, by Tigerlogic and WP Engine.

Searching for the Best Blog Post of All Time

I am on the hunt for the best blog post of all time. I am compiling a list of the best blog posts of all time and am going to rate them using various methods that define quality, amount of traffic, and overall awesomeness. I have written in the past about the best time to post a blog post, but now I am searching for the best blog posts of all time. So, please nominate the best blog post of all time, even if it is your own. You can use Twitter or Facebook or the contact form on my web site to get in touch with me.

Tony Wright Launches WrightIMC Interactive Marketing Blog

Wow, I have to admit that this is something that I did not expect to see. But, I am very glad that my buddy Tony Wright has finally made the decision to start writing again on his blog, over at WrightIMC. Tony always has a lot of great insights and I always learn quite a bit from him. Now, if I could just get him to sing for us that would make my day.

How To: Find and Fix Duplicate Content on Your Blog

One of the biggest mistakes that I see bloggers make is not fixing duplicate content. Here is how to find and fix duplicate content issues on your blog.

Content for Your Blog

Blogging is not about scraping, spinning, rewriting, or even repurposing content. It is about writing original content that someone else other than yourself will want to read. Here is how to find content for your blog.

5 Tips for Corporate CEOs Who Blog

When it comes to corporate executives and their blogs, the line representation still rings true. Blogging can either increase brand loyalty or destroy it as fast as a Dixie Chicks outburst. On the Standing Dog blog, Albert wrote a great blog post about corporate business blogging and gives several great tips for CEOs who blog.

Why You Should Install the Official Twitter Tweet Button

Sugarrae, Rae Hoffman, has a great blog post today that is a must-read about Twitter and blog posts. If you are an active blogger like me, you need to consider replacing the Tweetmeme button with the official Twitter Button.

WordPress Disables Blog Posts with More than 100 Outgoing Links

I had an interesting situation today come up, where WordPress.com decided to disable blog posting on my WordPress.com hosted blog because it contained more than 100 outgoing links on a blog post. Apparently WordPress is now cracking down on blogs that have too many outgoing links on blog posts. I do not know if this is a new feature of theirs, or whether they used this as an excuse to have me remove one of my blog posts. I suspect that due to the content I released on that blog post they had received some correspondence from more than one person regarding it so it needed to be removed. I have no problem with that, and quickly removed the blog post. But, just so you know, I do not recommend posting an article that has more than 100 outgoing links. It certainly is not very good for search engine optimization.