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Conde Nast Purchases 285 Reddit Domain Names

When large groups of domain names are purchased such as the one I came across today, most of the time it indicates that the company purchasing them has major plans in the works. That happened today, when I was alerted to the fact that Conde Nast Digital, the folks behind the popular Reddit website, purchased a few hundred domain names. These are not just ordinary Reddit domain names, they all include Reddit in the domain, and there are 285 of them. In my opinion, something interesting is going to be happening soon with the Reddit brand. But, of course, this is only my speculation at this point.

Microsoft Moves Synsup Labs Domain Names

In April 2011 I first reported that Microsoft had acquired 47 domain names related to something (a brand or a company) named Synsup Labs. Those domain names had previously been pointed to the Bing.com search results. Now, the total number of domain names related to Synsup Labs that Microsoft owns is an even 50 domain names, and a name server has been set up for each one.

Microsoft Acquires 47 SynsupLabs Domain Names

In an interesting acquisition today by Microsoft, the company acquired 47 domain names and has pointed them to the Bing.com search engine. I usually watch the list of Microsoft domain names and have not seen such a large acquisition of new domain names in a long time. Perhaps this is the indication of a new product, a new service, or upcoming project at Microsoft?

9 Short Domain Names to Be Released via Fax

Let me ask you: when was the last time that you sent a fax? When was the last time you sent a fax in order to register a domain name? Never? If you don’t know, before you could register a domain name online, you had to register a domain name via fax, which was back in the mid 1990s. Anyhow, in what I would call an archaic type of move, the German registry DENIC is going to make nine highly-sought-after domain names available on a first come, first serve basis starting on Jan 12, 2011.