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Adding a Breadcrumb Trail On Your Website for SEO

You might want to consider adding a breadcrumb trail to your web site! This is very simple to do and quite efficient. It entails offering a set of hyperlinks in your web pages. This allows visitors to be in a position to obtain back to where they had been previously. It can also permit them to get to greater pages within the overall hierarchy of one’s website. There are many benefits to getting such elements in location. Read more »

Why You Should Get an Internet Marketing Education

A lot of friends ask me about what I do for a living. I tell them that I’m in internet marketing. I recently spoke to a neighbor who told me that they were looking for work, as the economy has been tough for them. I honestly am not seeing that in the internet marketing industry. You might consider changing careers if possible, especially because we need more internet marketers out there. Here is a great infographic that shows why you should get an internet marketing education.

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Internet Marketing Education
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Internet Marketing Analyst and Search Engine Optimization Job

I just posted a job for an Internet Marketing Analyst in the Dallas Texas area. In this position, the Internet Marketing Analyst / search engine optimization analyst will work client-side with a leading technology company based in Dallas. This position will be responsible for keyword research, optimizing and coding various pages in HTML. The role involves working closely with the MarCom department and product line managers. It is a full-time contract position for 6-12 months with a possibility to extend.

What is an Internet Marketing Guru?

Imagine that you just lost your job and decided to start your own business. You have heard that you can make money online, at home, in your PJs. So, you go start searching for Work at Home opportunitiesor how to make money online. And you find all sorts of internet marketing gurus who are willing to sell you information about how to make money online. Well, how do you really know who to believe? Trust me, it is difficult. Now we have an opportunity to get rid of all of the hype and get some answers. Jim Kukral and Shawn Collins has started a website to do just that, called www.Unguru.me.