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Director of Search Engine Marketing (PPC) Job Opening

I just recently heard about a job opening for a Director of Search Engine Marketing (Pay Per Click, PPC) in the Dallas, Texas area. I do not have a specific job description that I can post yet, but am pretty familiar with the position. So, if you are a Google AdWords expert, and also know MSN AdCenter, as well as DART, then get in touch with me and I can give you more details.

Is SEO Different than SEM?

What really is the difference between search engine optimization and search engine marketing? I know it can be confusing, but since the internet marketing has matured lately so much, there really is a big difference between SEO and SEM.

LinkedIn Launches LinkedIn PPC Advertising Platform

LinkedIn, the business social networking site, has launched LinkedIn Ads, a pay per click advertising platform. LinkedIn advertising has actually been in beta mode since around 2008 or so, but it now officially available to the public. All you need is a LinkedIn account and a credit card to get started. You can learn more about what Laura has to say about LinkedIn PPC on the Standing Dog blog.

How to Use Google AdWords Automated Rules

Google AdWords automated rules are now available to only a handful of advertisers in the USA. This new Google AdWords Automated Rules feature allows AdWords users schedule automatic changes to specific parts of their account based on the criteria they specify. Here is how to use the new Google AdWords automated rules.

Google AdWords Sitelinks Bringing Better Click Thru Ratio

Sitelinks for paid advertisers on Google, also called Google AdWords Sitelinks, have been around for about a year now and if you are not already taking advantage of these fun ad enhancements, then it’s high time to do so. Not unlike the sitelinks that show in the organic results, the extra links beneath your ad are meant to help users navigate your site in fewer clicks. The key difference between the sitelinks in the organic results and those that are shown beneath paid ads is that with the paid sitelinks you have flexibility to choose which pages of your site will show and you control the wording of those extra links. Google reports that advertisers are seeing average increases in CTR of more than 30% for ads with the standard two line sitelinks.

What Do The Google AdWords Settings Mean?

There are a plethora of campaign settings that you can manipulate in Google AdWords. Understanding how you can set them appropriately can be confusing, especially in the event you don’t manage accounts on a regular basis or deal with many various types of accounts. On the Standing Dog Blog today, we look at the various Google AdWords settings that are obtainable, what they mean, and how you may go about setting them to meet your company requirements.

How to Write PPC Ads Using Dynamic Keyword Insertion

On the Standing Dog Blog, we have a great post about writing Pay Per Click (PPC) ads using dynamic keyword insertion. You can also use Keyword Insertion to customize your display URL and Keyword Insertion can be included in your destination URL, which can be helpful If you are including URL parameters for analytics and would like to track at the keyword level, but don’t want to create unique URLs for each keyword.

PPC: What are the four Google AdWords Match Types?

We just posted on the new Standing Dog Blog an interesting fundamentals-type of blog post about the Google Adwords Match Types. For many Google AdWords customers that are new, this can be particularly confusing. So, if you are new to Google AdWords pay per click (also called Search Engine Marketing), then you might want to take a look at our latest blog post about the four Google AdWords Match Types.

But, before you read our blog post, let’s see if you can name the four Google AdWords Match Types. Can you name them without reading our blog post? I bet you can’t!