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Google Warns of Hacked Websites in Search Results

In the Google Webmaster Blog today, Google has announced that they are now showing warnings that say “This site may be compromised”.

Google has traditionally provided this type of warning to searchers (it shows up in the Google search results) for malware for several years now. However, now, Google has expanded the search results notifications to help searchers avoid web sites that may have been compromised and altered by a third party. In other words, helps us stay away from hacked web sites. By the way, if you have search engine ranking problems with your website, I may be able to help.

How to Determine Search Engine Ranking Problems

I frequently talk to individuals and website owners who declare that they’re struggling from poor search engine rankings. No matter what you do, you simply can’t discover your web site in Google–and occasionally it’s not just the key phrases the sites is focusing on, the website can’t be found for that company’s title. In any situation, the web site is definitely struggling from search engine ranking issues if you don’t have enough traffic in your web site otherwise you perform a site:domain.com research at Google. I wrote a blog post about how to identify if your website is struggling from search engine ranking problems

In most cases, you will find solutions to search engine ranking problems. It is either going to take time and effort, or money (or both) to fix your search engine ranking problems.

Why Your Website Has Search Engine Ranking Problems

As a search engine marketing expert, I see a good deal of internet sites that haven’t been optimized for the search engines. Over the years, I continue to see the very same issues with what I call non-optimized sites. Generally, the biggest troubles tend to be standard internet site layout factors that are not integrated when a web page is developed, not poor net layout. Most search engine ranking problems could be fixed by generating positive nothing is overlooked when making a world wide web web page.

Did you know that there are generally four major reasons why a web site has search engine ranking problems? Duplicate content, not enough content, search engine spidering issues, and a lack of link popularity are the reasons.