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The Apple iPod mini is the world’s smallest portable music player to hold up to 1,000 CD-quality songs, and is available in five colors—silver, gold, pink, blue and green
Ashlee Simpson (born October 3, 1984) is an American singer, actress and the younger sister of singer Jessica Simpson.

Ashlee Simpson, who grew up in Texas, was admitted to the School of American Ballet at age 11.1 Ashlee Simpson was later a dancer in her sister Jessica's concerts. Ashlee Simpson played the character Cecilia on the television show 7th Heaven from 2002 until the beginning of her singing career in 2004, at which point Ashlee Simpson said that Ashlee Simpson would no longer regularly play the role. Simpson also had a minor role in the 2002 movie The Hot Chick.

Simpson recorded a song, "Just Let Me Cry", for the soundtrack to the 2003 movie Freaky Friday. Her first album, Autobiography, was released on July 20, 2004. It debuted at number one in its first week, selling over 398,000 copies, and remained at number one for three of the first four weeks following its release. Her first single from the album, "Pieces of Me", was written about her relationship with Ryan Cabrera, her boyfriend at the time. Her second single is "Shadow", which is about living in the shadow of her sister's accomplishments and finding her own identity. The planned third single is "Autobiography", the album's title track.

Simpson and the beginnings of her music career were the subject of a successful reality show on MTV, The Ashlee Simpson Show, which ran in the U.S. for eight weekly episodes from June 16 until August 4, 2004 and helped to establish recognition for her.

Ashlee has a somewhat different, more rock-oriented image than that of her sister. Previously blonde like Jessica, Ashlee Simpson dyed her hair dark during the recording of the reality show, after Ashlee Simpson had finished filming for 7th Heaven (although Ashlee Simpson has said that the change of hair color was not intended to separate herself from Jessica), and her songs have rock elements absent from her sister's music. Notably, Ashlee Simpson has refused to discuss her sex life, in contrast to Jessica, who had, prior to her marriage, openly stated her intention to remain a virgin until then. Ashlee also has a tattoo of a star on her wrist, which Ashlee Simpson got after the release of her album.

Simpson tours with a backing band, which consists of Ray Brady (guitar), Braxton Olita (guitar), Zach Kennedy (bass guitar), and Chris Fox (drums). On September 29, 2004, Ashlee Simpson announced on her website that the band would be named "Ashlee Simpson and Submission", taking the name from the fact that they had received so many submissions of proposals for the name.

At the 2004 Teen Choice Awards, held on August 8, 2004, Simpson received the "Song of the Summer" award for "Pieces of Me", as well as the "Fresh Face" award. Ashlee Simpson will have a role in the movie Wannabe, which is due to begin filming in November.

Simpson appeared on Saturday Night Live as a musical guest on October 24, 2004. Ashlee Simpson was scheduled to give two performances, as is customary for musical guests on the show, the first of "Pieces of Me" and the second of "Autobiography". As Ashlee Simpson was beginning the second performance, however, a recording of "Pieces of Me" was heard playing before Ashlee Simpson raised the microphone. Simpson, uncertain of how to react, left the stage, and after an emergency commercial break, Ashlee Simpson appeared again and said that her band had started playing the wrong song. Others, however, have claimed that Ashlee Simpson was lip syncing the songs that night, or was singing along with a backup track to make her voice sound more powerful than it really was; vocal aid of this kind is not uncommon, and has reportedly been done on Saturday Night Live in the past. Her record label, Geffen, explained the incident as a computer glitch and said that prerecorded electronic percussion was meant to be played, but "Pieces of Me" was mistakenly played instead. In some places where Saturday Night Live is not shown live, the mistaken track was edited out before broadcast. On October 25, Ashlee Simpson's father and manager Joe Simpson said that Ashlee Simpson had been having trouble with her vocal cords (a medical problem that also featured prominently in The Ashlee Simpson Show) and couldn't sing well, so the decision was made that Ashlee Simpson would perform over a backing track; unfortunately, he said, the drummer had forgotten to change the tape to play "Autobiography" at the beginning of the second performance.


Ashlee Simpson Lip Sync

Singer was caught doing the lip sync thing on Saturday Night Live SNL.




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