"China Unicom selected InterconnecT as its product of choice as a result of Ericsson's excellent long term relationship with the customer as well as our reputation and competence in the field," explains Li Xiaofeng from Ericsson China. "Unicom already has three international transit switches from Ericsson, and it made sense to stick with us and our suppliers when it came to selecting a billing solution for its network operations. From a product point of view InterconnecT Settler, a product initially developed by Ericsson and now owned by Intec, was chosen above its competitors for a number of reasons, notably its proven performance in managing traffic resources more effectively and producing cost-effective and accurate interconnect rating. It also promised to provide China Unicom with improved management capabilities for inter-connect rating, billing and strategizing, thereby helping to increase over revenue."

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In order to take advantage of the rapidly expanding Chinese market for fixed, wireless, and Internet services China Unicom required a billing solution that could manage intercarrier billing for a wide range of services. Intec's flexible billing platform will provide the company with the capability to launch new products and services, support multiple pricing plans, and integrate seamlessly with existing business systems.

Dynamic Charging - The Intec Dynamic Charging Platform (DCP) is a solution for wireless carriers that enables real-time, value based charging of advanced data network services such as IP data, content, mobile commerce and location-based services.

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Intec and Ericsson China sign strategic billing agreement with China Unicom

April 8, 2004: London - Intec Telecom Systems, a global provider of Operations Support Systems (OSS) for fixed, wireless and IP/next generation networks, and telecoms giant Ericsson China are pleased to announce they have signed a billing software agreement with China Unicom, the second largest wireless communications provider in the country. Under the terms of the contract Intec will supply China Unicom with InterconnecT, a billing solution which will simplify the company's settlements operations among its growing number of fixed and wireless partners. Ericsson China will be responsible for the implementation and support of Intec's system and will provide China Unicom with maintenance services and development to support new network elements and products offerings.

InterconnecT offers China Unicom the ability to adapt to a changing interconnect market by handling all types of rating schemes across different networks. The solution simplifies billing and reconciliation as well as reduces costs and increases interconnect revenue. This is achieved with the help of many advanced features, including sophisticated discounting, optimised routing, and automated reconciliation.

"We are delighted that Intec is able to provide the capabilities for China Unicom to support all the aspects of its interconnection activities," said John Rocca, Intec's Director in Asia-Pacific. "With InterconnecT, China Unicom will be able to accurately charge other inter-exchange and local exchange fixed and mobile carriers for using its facilities and to automatically reconcile its own invoices with their incoming bills. The solution will also provide superior scalability to deal with China Unicom's growing volume of calls while minimising operational overhead in settling with other carriers."

About Intec Telecom Systems
Intec Telecom Systems is an award-winning worldwide Operations Support Systems (“OSS”) vendor for fixed, mobile and next-generation networks (ie. WLAN, 3G and IP), with more than 500 installations of its products worldwide. Founded in 1997, Intec was listed on the London Stock Exchange (Code: ITL.L) in June 2000. Intec is the market leader in intercarrier billing systems and convergent mediation software, and a recent winner of the 2003 Global Billing Award – Best Overall Contribution, and Telestrategies ‘2003 Mediation Excellence Award’.

Intec’s portfolio includes:
Inter-mediatE™ - convergent mediation solution
InterconnecT™ - intercarrier billing including US CABS and ITU
Inter-activatE™ - flow-through provisioning and service activation.
Inter-contenT™ - end-to-end content revenue management
Intec Dynamic Charging Platform™ – a real-time pre/post-paid charging interface between the network and the back office
Intec ASF™ - end-to-end billing and management for advanced data services

Intec’s customer base includes, among others, BellSouth, BellSouth Peru, Brazil Telecom, Cable & Wireless, Cesky Telecom (Czech Republic), China Unicom, COLT Telecommunications, EBT (Taiwan), Eircom (Ireland), France Telecom, Hutchison 3G, Maxis (Malaysia), Singtel Optus (Australia), Orange, Telecom Argentina, Telecom Egypt, Telecom Italia, Tiscali, TPSA (Poland), Swisscom, T-Mobile International, Telia (Sweden), Telefonica, Telkom South Africa, Telstra, US Cellular, Westel (Hungary), Vodafone, VimpelCom (Russia) and Verizon. For more information on Intec Telecom Systems, visit the website at http://www.intecbilling.com.

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