Intec’s DCP is a carrier-grade active mediation platform for wireless carriers, enabling real-time, value based charging and control of advanced data network services such as content, mobile commerce and location-based services. Oracle’s MCSD Solution is component-based software that provides the ability to seamlessly support increased network activity resulting from consumer take up of services, thereby helping to ensure a manageable return on investment.

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“Intec and Oracle have combined their technical capabilities to provide the flexibility, performance and lower cost of ownership operators need to offer profitable, secure, high-quality mobile services,” explains John Aalbers, Intec’s Director of Next Generation Products. “Delivering and charging for next generation services, in both a pre-paid and post-paid environment, demands the ability to create a secure, low-latency customer dialogue in real-time. This means rapidly and securely authenticating users to receive, or be barred from, high-value services, and then delivering them seamlessly to the customer device. To achieve this you must create a two-way communication between network elements and delivery servers, pricing engines, balance management and customer care & billing systems, together with reliable post-event processing to ensure payment and service quality. This integrated solution makes this possible by combining the real-time charging and service control of Intec’s DCP with the Database and Application Server from Oracle.”

Active Mediation - The Intec Dynamic Charging Platform (DCP) is a solution for wireless carriers.

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Intec offers live demonstration of convergent content delivery solution on Oracle and Intec technology at 3GSM World Congress

Fully integrated solution lowers costs for deployment and delivery of services while maximising revenue Enables wireless carriers to support both post-paid and prepaid billing models
Carrier-grade technology for the most advanced next-generation services

17 February 2004 - Intec Telecom Systems has announced the availability of an integrated solution aimed at lowering the cost of mobile content delivery for next generation services, and maximising revenues through personalized recommendations to customers, accurate charging, and fraud prevention. The solution, which will be showcased for the first time at the upcoming 3GSM conference in Cannes, combines the advanced capabilities of Intec’s Dynamic Charging Platform (DCP) with Oracle’s Mobile Content and Service Delivery platform (MCSD).

Intec DCP features
Intec’s DCP is an enabling platform for active, bi-directional control of real-time requests from the wireless network infrastructure which can either enable or disable access to data services and premium content. As an integral component of the transaction flow, DCP is available to reserve, monitor and update pre-paid balance credits, calculating the price through integration to its own or third party rating engines or billing systems, providing advice of charge to the user, verifying service delivery, and offering service control logic to selectively signal session redirection to a customer service portal for subscribers that have reached a low balance threshold.

Oracles MCSD Solution
To help lower cost of content delivery, DCP’s mediation capabilities are combined with Oracle’s MCSD Solution, which spans the end-to-end flow process from partner content aggregation to content delivery specific to a consumer device. Of crucial importance to the integrated product offering is Oracle’s Recommendation Engine component, which dynamically serves personalized recommendations to customers in real-time based on customer’s behavior. Using real time customer decisions and analytics, Oracle enables an operator to gather instant information about customer usage, preferences, spending habits, interests and affinities and then allows the operator to push content and service offerings selected to suit user profiles. “We have not seen a similar solution on the market which addresses cost-effective delivery of services while seeking to maximise revenue through recommendation,” adds Aalbers. The business imperative of a low-cost and intuitive developer environment is supported through Oracle’s MobileStudio component, which enables content providers to test applications and services prior to deployment, thereby reducing risk and ensuring optimum content performance on all devices. The mobile studio assists operators in fostering communities of interest such as application developers, universities and niche content providers that target specific consumer segments. Key to the content delivery process is the ability to re-use multimedia assets and adapt them for play out over various devices. With multimedia adaptation within the MCSD, rich content such as ring tones can be transformed to the most applicable file format for the device.

“Working with an experienced telecom provider such as Intec helps us define the charging and control mechanisms operators want to deploy now and in the future,” says Lars Wahlström, VP of Telecoms EMEA at Oracle Corp. “With our solution we have a vision of addressing the full revenue potential in terms of devices and user profiles. Adding Intec DCP to the solution shows the importance of addressing both the post paid and prepaid market to maximise revenue potential from the point of content ingestion.”

About Oracle Corp.
Oracle Corporation (Nasdaq: ORCL) is the world's largest enterprise software company. For more information about Oracle, please visit our website at

Oracle offers a complete and integrated solution for the communications industry. Visit explore how Oracle is helping companies across the communications industry rapidly introduce new services, reduce order fallout, maximize asset utilization, achieve customer centricity, enhance mobile content and service delivery and measure corporate performance.

About Intec
Intec Telecom Systems is an award-winning worldwide Operations Support Systems (“OSS”) vendor for fixed, mobile and next-generation networks (ie. WLAN, 3G and IP), with more than 500 installations of its products worldwide. Founded in 1997, Intec was listed on the London Stock Exchange (Code: ITL.L) in June 2000. Intec is the market leader in intercarrier billing systems and convergent mediation software, and a recent winner of the 2003 Global Billing Award – Best Overall Contribution, and Telestrategies ‘2003 Mediation Excellence Award’.

Intec’s portfolio includes:
Inter-mediatE™ - convergent mediation solution
InterconnecT™ - intercarrier billing including US CABS and ITU
Inter-activatE™ - flow-through provisioning and service activation
Inter-contenT™ - end-to-end content revenue management
Intec Dynamic Charging Platform™ – a real-time pre/post-paid charging interface between the network and the back office
Intec ASF™ - end-to-end billing and management for advanced data services

Intec’s customer base includes, among others, BellSouth, BellSouth Peru, Brazil Telecom, Cable & Wireless, Cesky Telecom (Czech Republic), China Unicom, COLT Telecommunications, EBT (Taiwan), Eircom (Ireland), France Telecom, Hutchison 3G, Maxis (Malaysia), Singtel Optus (Australia), Orange, Telecom Argentina, Telecom Egypt, Telecom Italia, Tiscali, TPSA (Poland), Swisscom, T-Mobile International, Telia (Sweden), Telefonica, Telkom South Africa, Telstra, US Cellular, Westel (Hungary), Vodafone, VimpelCom (Russia) and Verizon. For more information on Intec Telecom Systems, visit the website at

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