KMC conducted a lengthy evaluation of the vendors of commercially available mediation solutions before selecting Intec. George Stowers, IT manager of KMC’s operations center in Georgia said: “Network technologies and network services are changing rapidly. KMC needed a mediation solution that could handle our network and service evolution. Not only did Intec have the best solution for our needs, they are a stable company with local support and development. They are also a very customer-driven company, to which I can personally attest after attending their user group conference in Atlanta in June.”

KMC was impressed with Inter-mediatE’s intuitive user interface that seamlessly manipulates the industrial strength framework of features and functions of the core solution. In addition KMC will make use of Inter-mediatE’s Duplicate Record Manager for enhanced, error-free record processing. The audit capabilities of the Reporting module will give KMC added visibility into the details of what is collected at the switch versus what is billed.

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Billing - The Engel Consulting Group, experts in telecom billing, calls Intec Telecom Systems “a leader among CABS vendors.” They describe the InterconnecT CABS CG system as “feature rich, with many capabilities we have not seen in other CABS vendors’ systems.”

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KMC Telecom selects Intec for mediation and revenue assurance solution

Largest privately held US telco to use market-leading Inter-mediatE solution

8 September 2004 – Intec Telecom Systems, a global provider of Operations Support Systems (OSS) for fixed, wireless, and IP/next generation networks, today announced a contract with US based KMC Telecom for the license of Intec’s market-leading convergent mediation solution, Inter-mediatE. KMC, the largest, privately held US telecom operator, selected Intec’s Inter-mediatE solution and associated modules to provide mediation and revenue assurance for its CLEC business line.

An operator’s mediation solution plays a pivotal role in revenue assurance. Operators need a robust platform in place that can capture usage data from diverse network elements, correctly correlate that data, provide automated error processing, and offer integrated audit capabilities. Intec’s Inter-mediatE solution provides ample return on investment from its consolidation of multiple systems for data collection, mediation, and distribution, and the human and system resources required to manage those same processes. Its robust error processing eases the process of analysis and recovery via “edit & release” capabilities, while its flexible reporting can be used to identify trends or usage absence based on any of a number of variables.

“KMC joins a long list of operators that have realised that their existing mediation systems may be a prime source of potential revenue leakage. The adoption of a robust mediation solution that minimizes errors in the first place and then automates and streamlines error processing can have an immediate affect on the operator’s bottom line, especially when coupled with strong reporting and auditing capabilities,” said Fred Brott, president of Intec North America.

Because of its exceptional total cost of ownership, existing users of Inter-mediatE are preparing for migration to Inter-mediatE v5. Along with KMC, two leading RBOCs are already utilizing Inter-mediatE v5, assuring the revenue derived from their networks and streamlining their network processing.

About KMC Telecom
KMC Telecom is a nationwide provider of next-generation telecommunications infrastructure and services at the network edge, providing fibre-based, integrated data, voice and Internet infrastructure communications services. KMC offers these services to businesses, governments and institutional end-users, Internet service providers, long distance carriers and wireless service providers. KMC’s business has two distinct components: the Advanced Communications Services (ACS) division, serving communications-intensive customers in markets with a population between 100,000 and 750,000 and the Data Services division, through its data subsidiaries, providing data services on a nationwide basis.

Information about Intec
Intec Telecom Systems is a leading OSS product vendor for fixed, mobile and next-generation networks (i.e. WLAN, 3G and IP), with more than 650 installations of its products worldwide in 450 customers. Founded in 1997, Intec was listed on the London Stock Exchange in June 2000. Intec is a market leader in inter-carrier billing systems and convergent mediation software, and has recently acquired strong capabilities in retail billing, IP billing and real-time mobile service charging and control. For the year ended 30 September 2003, Intec reported revenues of £50.7 million, with adjusted net earnings after tax of £4.1 million.

Intec’s product portfolio includes:
Singl.eView™ - dynamic transaction management/retail billing
Inter-mediatE™ - convergent mediation solution;
InterconnecT™ - inter-carrier billing including US CABS and ITU-based settlement;
Inter-activatE™ - flow-through provisioning and activation;
Intec CPM™ - end-to-end content partner management; and
Intec DCP™ (Dynamic Charging Platform) – real-time pre/post-paid charging

Intec’s customer base includes, among others, BellSouth, BellSouth Peru, Cable & Wireless, Cesky Telecom (Czech Republic), China Unicom, COLT Telecommunications, Deutsche Telekom, EBT (Taiwan), Eircom (Ireland), France Telecom, Hutchison 3G, Maxis (Malaysia), Nitel (Nigeria), Reliance (India), Sing Tel Optus (Australia), O2 Ireland, Orange, Telecom Argentina, Telecom Egypt, Telecom Italia, Tiscali, TPSA (Poland), Swisscom, T-Mobile International, Telefonica, Telia (Sweden), Telkom South Africa, Telstra, US Cellular, Westel (Hungary), Vodafone, VimpelCom (Russia), Virgin Mobile, Vivo (Brasil), XO Communications and Verizon.

For more information on Intec and its products and solutions visit Intec's Telecom Billing website.

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