For those service providers already using Inter-mediatETM, including companies such as Verizon, BellSouth, Telstra, US Cellular, ITXC, COLT, Eurotel and '3', version 5 will provide a broader, deeper view of the mediation process, together with the ability to adapt more quickly and cost-effectively to changing business requirements. For new users of Inter-mediatE, version 5 will provide an environment that results in a faster, more efficient platform for project implementation. Inter-mediatE V5 has a new Java client user interface that provides an easier and more intuitive way of implementing and maintaining a mediation environment. The enhanced user interface is designed for to make mediation easier for both large and small service providers.

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Inter-mediatE is part of Intec's growing OSS family, which now includes convergent mediation, service activation (Inter-activatE), intercarrier billing (InterconnecT) and the new Advanced Services Framework, a range of OSS products for next-generation services.

IP Mediation - Inter-mediatE from Intec is the world’s most scalable, flexible and powerful convergent IP mediation system, with proven ability to gather, process and distribute usage data from any kind or size of network. Its distributed, component-based architecture adapts rapidly to your business needs, delivering the highest quality of information to your downstream systems. Best of all, Inter-mediatE ip mediation is installed and working in over 110 of the world’s busiest mobile, fixed, 3G and IP networks..

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New version of Inter-mediatE brings extra usability, functionality and operational efficiency to wireless, fixed, IP, 3G and content mediation

3GSM Congress - 23 February, 2004: Intec Telecom Systems today announced the general availability of Inter-mediatETM version 5, a new release of the world's leading collection, convergent mediation, and distribution system. Over 130 wireless, fixed, IP/packet-switched and 3G service providers benefit today from Inter-mediatE's carrier-grade performance, unmatched reliability, and highly-configurable business rules-based processing. With Inter-mediatETM version 5 Intec has added substantial new capabilities including a state-of-the art Java client interface, GUI-driven mediation configuration, a new integrated development environment, simple plug-in interface management and creation, and new system monitoring tools for managers and operational staff. V5 also brings further performance enhancements to Inter-mediatE's powerful, distributed processing architecture to enable it to continue offering best-in-class mediation performance in the most demanding, service-rich, next-generation networks.

New functionality in Inter-mediatE V5
The Business Logic Manager - The new Java-based Business Logic Manager within Inter-mediatE V5 provides brand new capabilities to a service provider. First, it is a new tool to create mediation logic without programming. Using "drag and drop" techniques, a user of Inter-mediatE can create business logic in an intuitive manner. The Java client allows a user to select mediation processes from a list of pre-tested functions, making it easy to put together a reliable, powerful processing stream. Complex mediation processes such as Validation, Correlation, Duplicate Detection, Enrichment, Transformation and Filtering can be easily assembled using common components. This intuitive design environment also allows for the most complex logic to be implemented using drill-down methods to get to the low levels of Business Logic scripting. Second, the Business Logic Manager provides a graphical tool to allow a user to monitor the critical details of the mediation process. By navigating from the Business Logic Manager, a user can access all key components of the Inter-mediatE core: Viewing raw or processed data; Viewing and repairing Errored network events; Viewing and maintaining referential data; Controlling the collection and distribution of network usage.

Management Dashboard - The new Inter-mediatE V5 Dashboard provides a convenient method of monitoring Key Performance Indicators in the application. A quick glance allows an operator to see the health and performance characteristics of the Inter-mediatE installation so that out-of-band situations can be intercepted before they become issues or recognized earlier for fast resolution.

Integrated Development Environment - Current users of Inter-mediatE know the unparalleled power of its Generalized Data Conversion (GDC) system as a mediation tool for complex, high-volume environments. GLIDE, or the GDC Language Integrated Development Environment, is a new subsystem that provides the user with a much enhanced capability to quickly and accurately create the detailed GDC business rules from which mediation processes function. GLIDE comes equipped with Wizards that make the creation of detailed business rules simple and straightforward. GLIDE makes it easy to access data formats from the expansive Inter-mediatE data library and it also makes it easy to create new data formats. After business rules have been created GLIDE provides a convenient test environment so that the user can be assured that mediation processing is correct and robust.

Plug-in Management - In production today, Inter-mediatE offers a library of more than 100 different network element interfaces. The trend for network vendors is to reuse existing interfaces when newer network elements are designed, to minimise disruption for carrier customers. Inter-mediatE V5 parallels this trend with a new Plug-In Management facility where the user can, via point and click, use the interface library to combine and create new plug-ins for usage data collection. From an operator's perspective, this capability contributes to vendor independence as it removes the historical burden af having to go back to the mediation vendor for expensive new interfaces.

Real-time System Monitor - The new System Monitor provides a real-time, high-level view of the mediation environment. The System Monitor gives operators easy access to complete activity information and also provides manual control of the entire mediation system. Service delivery operational staff and managers can obtain a rapid overview of operations in real-time - for example, discovering the volume of usage data being process, seeing how many network elements polls are pending, and how many have failed to complete. .

About Intec
Intec’s billing and OSS telecom portfolio includes:
Inter-mediatE™ - convergent billing mediation solution
InterconnecT™ - carrier access billing including US CABS and ITU
Inter-activatE™ - flow-through provisioning and service activation
Inter-contenT™ - end-to-end content revenue management
Intec Dynamic Charging Platform™ – a real-time pre/post-paid charging interface between the network and the back office
Intec ASF™ - end-to-end billing and management for advanced data services

Intec’s customer base includes, among others, BellSouth, BellSouth Peru, Brazil Telecom, Cable & Wireless, Cesky Telecom (Czech Republic), China Unicom, COLT Telecommunications, EBT (Taiwan), Eircom (Ireland), France Telecom, Hutchison 3G, Maxis (Malaysia), Singtel Optus (Australia), Orange, Telecom Argentina, Telecom Egypt, Telecom Italia, Tiscali, TPSA (Poland), Swisscom, T-Mobile International, Telia (Sweden), Telefonica, Telkom South Africa, Telstra, US Cellular, Westel (Hungary), Vodafone, VimpelCom (Russia) and Verizon. For more information on Intec Telecom Systems, visit the website at

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