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Who is Rigoberto Alpizar?
He apparently is from Maitland, Florida and is a kind, considerate man, and very helpful. He has never shown any erratic behavior before.

But, on December 7, 2005, he had a run-in with the Federal Air Marshals in Miami, Florida. He was headed to the Orlando, Florida area, where he apparently lives.

Rigoberto Alpizar is from from Maitland, Florida. According to a neighbor, he is "a kind considerate man
friendly helpful and kind man and has displayed no erratic behavior at all."

According to reports from people who were on the American Airlines flight that landed in Miami, he waved arms before he got off airplane and his wife followed him, waving her arms that he needed his medication. He has a mental illness.

According to the neighbor, he did a lot of jogging and did his own lawn work. He apparently was a very physically fit person and helped neighbors after the hurricane, offering them use of his portable generator. He did good things for others and seemed friendly and helpful around the neighborhood and he was a very pleasant person.

Rigoberto Alpizar may have needed his medication and didn't receive it. Rigoberto Alpizar is 44 years old and is a United States citizen. He apparently moved to the US from Costa Rica in 1986 and works at Home Depot, who currently has no comment about him. Rigoberto Alpizar has no no criminal record.

There was a press conference by federal officials, and the official version of what happened is as follows:
Federal officials described the air marshals involved as experienced federal air marshals. Preliminary info indicates they were following protocols, as federal air marshals are taught to shoot to kill
if individuals pose a threat.

Rigoberto Alpizar got up from his seat and wife waved arms indicated that he needed his medication. Federal air marshals asked him to leave the flight. Rigoberto Alpizar did not comply when they told him to get on the ground. Rigoberto Alpizar reached into his bag and that's when they fired at him. The federal air marshals apparently had identified themselves as federal air marshals.

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