Bezeq Billing and Intec- Secures billing contract in Israel.
Financial Assurance- New module is part of Singl.eView billing.
Content Partner Management- Intec launches new for mobile service providers and MVNOs.
Intec Doubles CALA Office- Intec has expanded its office in São Paulo, Brazil..
Singl.eView Billing Contract- Intec wins contract with MTN South Africa.
Telecommunication is the extension of communication over a distance. In practice it also recognizes that something may be lost in the process; hence the term 'telecommunication' covers all forms of distance and/or conversion of the original communications, including radio, telegraphy, television, telephony, data communication and computer networking.

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Billing - Intec offers billing for telecom, utilities, and many other industries. Find out what they can do for you and your billing needs today.

Telecom News - we feature stories about what's really going on in the telecommunications world, typically info that includes billing activities and other iinfo.

The elements of a telecommunication system are a transmitter, a medium (line) and possibly a channel imposed upon the medium, and a receiver. The transmitter is a device that transforms or encodes the message into a physical phenomenon; the signal. The transmission medium, by its physical nature, is likely to modify or degrade the signal on its path from the transmitter to the receiver. The receiver has a decoding mechanism capable of recovering the message within certain limits of signal degradation. In some cases, the final "receiver" is the human eye and/or ear (or in some extreme cases other sense organs) and the recovery of the message is done by the brain (see psychoacoustics.)

Telecommunication can be point-to-point, point-to-multipoint or broadcasting, which is a particular form of point-to-multipoint that goes only from the transmitter to the receivers.

One of the roles of the telecommunications engineer is to analyse the physical properties of the line or transmission medium, and the statistical properties of the message in order to design the most effective encoding and decoding mechanisms.

When systems are designed to communicate through human sense organs (mainly vision and hearing), physiological and psychological characteristics of human perception will be taken into account. This has important economic implications and engineers will research what defects may be tolerated in the signal yet not affect the viewing or hearing experience too badly.

Source: Wikipedia

Latest Telecom News


Telecom News - What's Happening Behind the Scenes in the Telecommunications Industry

Here at the Coeh.org Web Portal, we feature telecom news stories about what's really going on in the telecommunications industry, typically covering behind-the-scenes telecom news and information that you don't normally find elsewhere.

Intec Wins Poland OSS Deal - Poland’s Tel-Energo buys integrated OSS solution from Intec - 07/01/2004 - Intec signs fourth deal in largest telecoms market in Eastern Europe Valued at over 2 million Euros
Intec Wins Mediation Deal - Intec signs mediation deal with UK’s Your Communications - 20/01/2004 - Inter-mediatE deal valued at over £0.5 million for unified convergent mediation platform
Intec Upgrades InteractivatE product - Version 2 of Inter-activatE offers higher performance and lower operating costs - 02/02/2004 - New distributed architecture brings scalability and high resilience. Substantial enhancements to functionality, performance, and system support to meet needs of Tier 1 carriers and fast-growing smaller operators.
Union Telephone Chooses Intec - US-based Union Telephone Company selects mediation, activation and CABS product suite from Intec for fixed and wireless services - Growing ILEC to use convergent solution for multi-service portfolio including GPRS
Live Demo at 3GSM World Congress - Intec offers live demonstration of convergent content delivery solution on Oracle and Intec technology at 3GSM World Congress - Fully integrated solution lowers costs for deployment and delivery of services while maximising revenue Enables wireless carriers to support both post-paid and prepaid billing models Carrier-grade technology for the most advanced next-generation services
Intec and Telefónica Móviles - Intec and Telefónica Móviles sign global framework agreement - 19/02/2004 - Terms of agreement are available to all Telefónica Móviles affiliates, including Vivo in Brazil, and to the rest of the companies in the Telefónica Group.

New Version of Inter-mediatE - New version of Inter-mediatE brings extra usability, functionality and operational efficiency to wireless, fixed, IP, 3G and content mediation
Intec Delivers Software to ITXC - Intec Delivers Inter-mediatE Correlation Manager to ITXC - ATLANTA & LONDON--March 4, 2004 - ITXC streamlines processing of international VoIP traffic with latest module. Realizes improved service capabilities and greatly enhanced capacity.
Intec Wins Deal with Nitel - Intec wins multi-million dollar software deal in Nigeria with Nitel - $4 million deal includes four major Intec products.
Vivo Selects Intec - Brazil’s largest mobile operator, Vivo, selects Intec to consolidate mediation platforms - Telefónica Móviles and Portugal Telecom wireless joint venture Vivo signs contract for Intec’s Inter-mediatE to collect and process over 215 million voice and IP/data calls daily
Intec, Ericsson, and China Unicom - Intec and Ericsson China sign strategic billing agreement with China Unicom
Intec Appoints Non-Exec Director - Intec appoints former COLT CEO, Peter Manning, as non-executive Director
Intec Launches V7 of InterconnecT - Intec launches Version 7 of world’s most successful interconnect billing system, with extensive new functionality - Enhanced billing support for next-generation revenue streams. Lower cost of ownership, faster time-to-market and improved usability.
Intec Signs Mediation Deal in Romania - Intec signs 2 million Euro mediation deal in Romania
Intec Signs Deal in Russia - Intec signs substantial software deal in Russia with Golden Telecom, Inc. - Agreement provides Intec with second major customer in Russia, one of the world’s biggest telecoms markets.
Intec Selects TNS LEC Gateway - Intec Selects Transaction Network Services' LEC Gateway to Simplify and Speed-up Inter-Carrier Billing - Intec Telecom Adds TNS' LEConnect to CABS Service Bureau Offering
Telecom Italia Selects Intec Mediation - Inter-mediatE supports move to IP-based network and services supporting over 27 million customers.
Intec Announces Results - Substantial new contracts signed, revenues increased by 41% and EBITA increased by 212%.
Intec Wins Order in Asia Pacific - Intec PLC (“Intec”), the leading global provider of telecoms Operations Support Systems (“OSS”) products, is pleased to announce that it has signed a substantial contract for OSS software and services with a customer in the Asia-Pacific region.
Matanuska Telephone Selects Intec - MTA licenses Intec’s ILEC solutions for mediation, Carrier Access Billing.
Intec Wins Sourcing Deal in Indonesia - Multi-million dollar software and services deal signed with PT Pratama Jaringan Nusantara for Intec product suite.
Intec Acquires Singl.eView - Intec PLC is pleased to announce that it has conditionally agreed with ADC Telecommunications, Inc. ("ADC") to acquire its 'Singl.eView' retail billing software division for $74.5 million (the “Acquisition”).
OTA Signs Telecom Billing Agreement - Algeria’s leading GSM operator OTA signs multi-million dollar billing software agreement with Intec.
Energis Goes Live with Intec Convergent Billing for Voice and Data - Energis UK goes live with Intec’s Inter-mediatE for convergent voice and data billing. Intec, a global provider of operations support systems (OSS) for the communications industry, today announced that Energis, a leading UK provider of high value telecoms and internet services, has successfully deployed Intec’s Inter-mediatE product for convergent billing of voice and data services in both fixed and wireless environments. Inter-mediatE replaced Energis’ existing legacy mediation platform with a flexible convergent solution that can collect, filter, aggregate and process data from the company’s network to produce complete and accurate data for billing and other systems. Among the business advantages of the installation are enhanced revenue assurance controls, greater flexibility and speed for new product rollouts and improved supplier support.
WorldCall Telecom and Douala1 Select Intec DCP real-time charging technology for billing IP and VoIP services - Intec, a global provider of operations support systems for the telecommunications industry, today announced that it has signed two contracts in Africa and Asia for its real-time charging solution, Intec DCP. Cameroon’s Douala1, the country’s leading Network Solution Provider (NSP), and WorldCall Telecom Ltd, a major telecom operator in Pakistan, have purchased the Intec Dynamic Charging Platform (DCP) to assist in their IP billing initiatives. The combined value of the contracts is estimated at nearly $1 million US.
Safaricom signs up with Intec for Mediation and Service Activation - Intec, a global provider of operations support systems (OSS) for fixed, mobile and IP/next-generation networks, today announced the signing of a contract with Kenya's leading mobile telephony provider, Safaricom, a Vodafone company.
Intec wins Dynamic Charging contract with major US carrier - Intec Dynamic Charging Platform provides real time charging and control of new services.
Intec Announces Q3 2004 Financial Results - Intec PLC - Unaudited results for the 9 months ended 30 June 2004. Substantial new contracts signed, revenues increased by 41% and EBITA increased by 274%.
VimpelCom extends Automated Reconciliation contract with Intec - Intec Telecom Systems, a global provider of operations support systems (OSS) for fixed, mobile and IP/next-generation networks, today announced it has signed a contract with VimpelCom, one of Russia's leading providers of wireless telecommunications services, for Intec’s InterconnecT Automated Reconciliation (InterconnecT AR) solution. The deal, worth in excess of $500,000, will allow VimpelCom to automate the process of reconciling incoming invoices and outgoing bills for interconnection charges. The deal extends Intec’s relationship with VimpelCom, which is already rolling out Intec’s market-leading InterconnecT billing system across its GSM properties in Russia.
Intec Billing Completes Singl.eView Acquisition - Intec Telecom Systems PLC announced that it has successfully completed the $74.5 million acquisition of the 'Singl.eView' retail billing software division from ADC Telecommunications, Inc. The award-winning Singl.eView product line, widely regarded to be one of the top retail billing solutions available, is in use at over 70 Tier 1 and Tier 2 carriers in 17 countries, including Deutsche Telekom, Virgin Mobile, Hutchison 3G, Optus, and Reliance. The deal approximately doubles Intec’s staff team, adding over 630 new employees worldwide, and creating a large services team of over 680 professionals.
Software 500 - Intec Listed in Top 200 of Software Magazine's 22nd Annual Software 500. Software Magazine ranks Intec as one of the world's largest software companies.
KMC Telecom - Intec Telecom Systems, a global provider of Operations Support Systems (OSS) for fixed, wireless, and IP/next generation networks, today announced a contract with US based KMC Telecom for the license of Intec’s market-leading convergent mediation solution, Inter-mediatE. KMC, the largest, privately held US telecom operator, selected Intec’s Inter-mediatE solution and associated modules to provide mediation and revenue assurance for its CLEC business line.
Cable and Wireless Panamá - Intec Telecom Systems, a global provider of operations support systems (OSS), has successfully deployed its Inter-mediatE™ convergent mediation platform for the collection and mediation of voice traffic for Cable & Wireless Panamá’s fixed and mobile networks. Inter-mediatE replaced two existing mediation platforms to collect TDMA, GSM and SMS data from Cable & Wireless Panamá’s mobile network. Cable & Wireless Panamá has used Inter-mediatE to collect its fixed-line traffic since 1999, and has now consolidated all data collection for its fixed and mobile business onto Inter-mediatE, creating one point of collection, reducing maintenance costs and improving flexibility as well as time-to-market for new services.
Billing Mediation - Intec sets new standard. Intec has launched the latest version of Inter-mediatE™, its market leading, award winning, multi-service mediation solution. Inter-mediatE v5, which is already in production processing 1 billion events per day at one of the world’s top 5 carriers, is the product of two years of focused development. v5 illustrates the company’s long term commitment to Inter-mediatE and to the 220 service providers using it today. In response to customer market drivers, v5 delivers tools that enable rapid service introduction, including a new Rapid Development Environment. v5 also addresses an operator’s financial and operational challenges by delivering an exceptionally low total cost of ownership enabled by efficient and scalable use of hardware, assured revenue processing, and an environment that facilitates operational excellence.
Europe 500 - Intec one of Europe's fastest growing companies.
TA Orange - implements Intec products in record time.
Telmate - Intec invests in OSS firm Telmate. Intec Telecom Systems PLC announced on November 1, 2004 that it has invested £1.5 million in Denmark-based Operations Support Systems specialist Telmate. Telmate, which currently has a distribution agreement with Intec, has developed a strong capability in providing software for the management and routing optimisation of wholesale telecoms traffic.
 Intec Billing Releases Results - Intec Releases Audited Preliminary Results. Intec Telecom Systems PLC (“Intec” or “the Company”) [LSE: ITL], a global provider of enterprise-level software and services, today announced its audited results for the year ended September 30, 2004.
Project of the Year Award - Intec wins prestigious honor in Moscow.
Saudi Telecom - Intec wins deal with Saudi Telecom Corporation.
Intec Billing Releases Results - Releases Q1 2005 Financial Results.
Bezeq Billing and Intec- Secures billing contract in Israel
part of Singl.eView billing.
Financial Assurance- New module is part of Singl.eView billing.
Content Partner Management- Intec launches new for mobile service providers and MVNOs.
Intec Doubles CALA Office- Intec has expanded its office in São Paulo, Brazil..
Singl.eView Billing Contract- Intec wins contract with MTN South Africa.
Convergent Billing Contract Signed - Intec wins Singl.eView contract with major US Carrier.


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